Floor Tiles

The floor tiles should be inflexible because of their  adjacency to high friction and have high surface wear resistance and low absorption.  Because of this, these types of tiles are usually cooked at a higher temperature than wall tiles, plus the thickness of these tiles is usually greater than the thickness of the wall tiles

Wall Tiles

These types of tiles are usually cooked at a lower temperature than floor tiles, therefore they have a higher water absorption and their glaze is more transparent.  And high water absorption (to a standard extent) is not considered a negative for tiles, and this high water absorption is technically necessary to increase adhesion to the wall

Porcelain tiles

These types of tiles are made from high quality raw materials (white or kaolin clay) and are cooked under specific conditions including high pressure and high baking temperature (more than 1200 ° C) and a highly resistance product.  Fracture resistance is characterized by high surface abrasion resistance with very low porosity.  Porcelain tile is highly resistant to frost and chemicals.  For this reason, it is ideal for use in busy public areas and free spaces of porcelain and granite tiles